2023 AIDS Vaccine 200

AID Atlanta Riders for Hope


Riders for Hope is AID Atlanta’s team of serious athletes, novice cyclists, energetic cheerleaders, and couch potatoes who are committed to raising funds to bring about an end to HIV/AIDS as we know it.

Our riders know that THIS cause is important, and this cause needs money!  AV200 is for each of us to set a riding goal for the ride, be it just a portion of the FUN RIDE, riding Saturday and Sunday for 30 miles each day, riding the 100 mile ride and achieve star status...All are welcome.  Join us!  Join Riders for Hope! !Ride with us!  Be an athletic supporter! We really wish to thank and recognize our riders, so far:

Jack Andrew "Andy" Bobadilla Castro   Paola Hernandez   Anthwan Ingram   Dani Mitchell   Jon Santos   Amanda Watson

 AID Atlanta has specialized in providing HIV and AIDS-related care, wellness services, and education and prevention programs for more than 40 years. AID Atlanta works daily to stop new infections, care for people living with HIV and AIDS, and break the shame and stigma related to HIV.  AID Atlanta provides testing and treatment, outreach programs, laboratory facilities, pharmacy, direct medical care, housing and utility resources, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), and many more services.

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