2019 AIDS Vaccine 200

Keeping Miles and CD4+ Counts Over 200

Thank you so much for visiting our page! We are riding with the hopes that one day we can provide a vaccine that will prevent the transmission of HIV.

Please help us support this cause. Researchers at the Emory Vaccine Center have made extraordinary progress on preventive and therapeutic HIV vaccines. Your contribution will help support these vital efforts. 100% of the amount raised will be used to fund groundbreaking work such as:
• Developing vaccines that prevent an HIV negative person from acquiring the disease, and at the same time help an HIV positive person fight the infection without anti-viral drugs.
• The LifeForward clinical trial, at Emory Vaccine Center's Hope Clinic, is designed to test efficacy in a vaccine to prevent transmission of HIV. The Hope Clinic is currently one of the top three enrolling centers nationally in the LifeForward clinical trial.
• Working to reinvigorate the body's immune system to fight chronic infections like HIV and reduce dependence on anti-viral drugs.
You can help me reach my fundraising goal of $1000 by donating to support us in this challenging 200 mile bike ride from Atlanta to Rock Eagle State Park.

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