2020 Field Day

Victorious Secret

Get Ready, Get Set, Give to a Worthy Cause!! We are Victorious Secret and we are participating in a Field Day event April 4th which is a grown up version of the awesome school games from childhood. Why? Well, we plan on having a lot of fun but we also get to help raise money for some very worthwhile organizations. This is where we need your assistance.

The money raised will go to Hearts Everywhere Reaching Out for Children, Inc which helps children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and also Action Cycling Atlanta that is dedicated to ending HIV/AIDS through vaccine research, education, and prevention. Please go to http://donate.av200.org/goto/VictoriousSecret and you can make a donation to our team or go to http://donate.av200.org/site/TR/Athletics/GeneralFundraising?pg=entry&fr_id=1120 and search participants to make a donation to a specific team member . Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated and I thank you for your support!!

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