2019 Field Day
Girls Gone Wild - Field Day 2019
Girls Gone Wild - Field Day 2019

Girls Gone Wild

On your mark, get set, Ladies let's have fun... We are officially Registered!!

Our Team Name: Girls Gone Wild... I just had to do it..

Here is the list I have so far.... I have broken down the names by participants and cheerleaders below.


Kathi Johnson - Toni Ralston - Diane Estner - Roseanne Saladino - Elna Reece - Diane Black - Leslie Chanonhouse - MaryAnn Magee - Christi Naddra - Julie Groenen - Ellen Wnn - Pam Warnock - Debra Frischknecht - Debra Heatherly


Sand Stein - Brooke Elizabeth - Melanie Macintyre - Julie Friedman - Melissa Rowell

So if you dare to continue, please reveiw and let me know if you are still interested in participating. Please text or email me with you name and contact information so I can make sure we all stay connected. (Kimberly Hagan - 404-277-6539; kimhagan2000@yahoo.com)

Next Register & Join the Team (Girls Gone Wild): The cost is $20 to participate and TShirts will be provided.

To Register and join our team at http://donate.av200.org/fieldday

Field Day is our grown-up version of the most awesome school games from your childhood. We’ll have 3-legged races, hula-hoops, tug-of-war, dizzy lizzy, and plenty of other fun games throughout the day.

Our team is gathered and I suggested a fundraising goal of $1000. This is not required, but if you can raise money it goes to a great cause.

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